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"truly understands the need of a person to see themselves as whole"

Written by: Charles Webster
Thursday, July 08, 2021
When your wife is diagnosed with a life threaten illness, a fear of not knowing and loosing your partner and friend, mother to our beautiful children becomes unbearable. When told that she would have to undergo
Chemotherapy and loosing her beautiful hair was a certainty, it was so difficult to comprehend. Because of how we see ourselves and how our society views a women's hair as a "crown", the pressures and fears are
real. When we walked in Tiffany Wigs we meet Kristine Sanchez a true hair artist, but more importantly she is an individual that truly understands the need of a person to see themselves as whole.
When my wife shared with Kristine that she was already loosing her hair
and that with another round of chemo, she thought that it would all come out within the next week, she told her with a smile, not to worry and that she would call her when it was ready. When we walked out, my wife was so happy and in that moment you could see the glow that only hope can ignite and she felt whole again. When Kristine called the following week and shared with us that her hair was ready, there was such an excitement as we drove, our conversation was happy and hopeful. When the personalized hair creation was placed upon her, it was like a true crown
that glowed as bright as her smile. So natural, so beautifully styled, it was a work of art from someone who truly cares and understands what it means to be made whole again...Thank you so much Kristine!

Charles A. Webster

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