About Our Wigs

We hope the following information will provide you with an insight to the services performed behind the scene in an effort to exceed your greatest expectations.

1. We cut, thin and shape the fiber to suit you! Cutting a wig is quite different than cutting a person's own hair. We have spent over 35 years perfecting the techniques necessary to accommodate all different types of hair styles.

2. We relax the fiber small sections at a time. This gives us the ability to remold the fiber. This must be done for most styles. Relaxing the fiber is very time consuming but produces incredible results. After redirecting the fiber, the wig is processed in a controlled heat environment for 2-5 hours. Many of the above techniques are used in conjunction with one and another. These processes enable us to give you the most lifelike and comfortable units available in the United States today.

These services are included in our full priced wigs.
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