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"Really, bless you for the work you do!"

Really, bless you for the work you do! TiffanyWigs-Everyone_just_loves_my_hair-Dorene-RochelleParkNJ-26
Written by: Dorene
Thursday, October 28, 2010
Dear Deann,

I’d like to share with you what wonderful reactions I’m receiving from people about my new wig! Everyone just loves "my hair" - Rosemary did a great job and no one believes it isn't really me. It's such a special feeling to help others, too; a friend brought her mother-in-law with a brain tumor to Lorie, and now I have another friend with breast cancer who will be coming to Lorie with her mother, who had cancer last year. It is such a big lift to be able to put on that wig and know that it looks natural. Really, bless you for the work you do - and please do go for your mammograms; it is so important!

Thank you again.


POSTED: 10/28/2010 05:10:23 PM
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