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"We're certainly not sorry or disappointed that we did."

Written by: Nanci
Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Tiffany Wigs,

Here is the prescription for my friend Francine of NJ.

We were there on Monday of this week and made a purchase for her chemotherapy prosthesis.

Thank you so much for being so sweet and kind to us. As you well know, this is such a difficult time and it is made easier by lovely ladies like yourselves who treat your customers with such a gentle touch, and even a little badly needed humor. We came a long way to visit your store and were certainly not sorry or disappointed that we did.

Each step along this road is arduous, and every kindness helps to ease the journey.

My best wishes for a Joyous, Healthy and Happy Holiday to everyone there and your families.


POSTED: 12/11/2002 04:07:00 PM
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