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"Several glamorous mothers asked for the name of my hairstylist!"

Several glamorous mothers asked for the name of my hairstylist! TiffanyWigs-the_wig_is_so_natural_looking-Deborah-RochelleParkNJ-1987-09-09-54
Written by: Deborah
Wednesday, September 09, 1987
Dear Deanne and Brenda,

I just want to tell you how very, very pleased I am with my wig!

Today was the first day of school (I may have told you that I am a teacher in a private school), and literally dozens of people - parents and teachers - came up to me and told me how great my hair looked. Not one person realized it was a wig. In fact two separate very glamorous mothers of children in my class remarked on my new hairdo and asked me if I would mind telling them the name of my hairstylist! All this just made me even more confident that the wig is so natural-looking. You did a simply beautiful job of styling it.

I want to thank you again so very much - Looking and feeling good is so helpful in getting through this crappy treatment. I really appreciate what you’ve done for me.

Thanks again!


POSTED: 09/09/1987 03:20:25 PM
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